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In-Home Integrative Massage

Integrative massage is an approach that allows your certified massage therapist (CMT) to apply a variety of massage techniques during your session. Our philosophy is one that emphasizes the needs of the individual. The most common reasons for seeking integrative massage are muscle-tension relief, pain management, and wellness relaxation.

Integrative massage sessions may include Swedish massage, deep tissue massage, trigger point therapy or massage cupping.

Aromatherapy can be added to any session for no additional charge.

All integrative massage services are provided in the comfort of your own home.  Your therapist will bring all necessary supplies.  You only need to provide an area at least 9' by 5' in a low-traffic area of your home.

Session lengths are listed below. Please allow additional time for a brief intake interview at your initial appointment, plus time for the therapist to set up and take down equipment.

60 minutes:  $70
90 minutes:  $95
Mileage fees may apply; see below for more information 

*Mileage fee:  Travel within 10 miles of East Sacramento is no additional charge (area typically includes downtown Sacramento, midtown Sacramento, Land Park, parts of Elk Grove, Arden/Arcade, parts of Carmichael, parts of Fair Oaks, parts of Rancho Cordova and West Sacramento)

The client will incur a mileage fee of $1 per mile for every appointment 11 miles or farther.  If you would like a price quote on the mileage fee please contact us. 

Scheduling Your First Appointment
Initial appointments will require a phone call so we can discuss your treatment goals, the area in your home I'll be setting up in and answer any questions you may have.  As a safety precaution, I will also ask for a copy of your driver's license or other photo ID which can be either texted or emailed to me.  Finally, initial appointments must be pre-paid in full; an invoice will be emailed to you immediately following our first phone call.

What to Expect During Your Appointment

You will need to provide an area about 9' x 5' in a low-traffic area of your home.  This allows enough space for a massage table and your therapist's movement.  How much you heat or cool the room is up to your personal preference.  

The therapist will provide everything else needed for your massage:  massage table, sheets, bolster, music, lotion, etc.  During the cooler months a table warmer is also available; your therapist will ask about access to an electrical outlet for this.

At your first visit you will fill out an intake form if you have not already done so.  Your therapist will then go over your health and medical history, as well as any specific goals or areas you'd like to work on during your massage. 

The time needed for your intake interview will be in addition to your scheduled massage time. For example, if you booked a 60 minute massage, please plan on spending approximately 75 minutes for the intake interview, scheduled massage time, dressing, setting up equipment, etc.

After your intake interview your therapist will leave the room to allow you time to undress. How much you undress is up to the individual; some prefer to completely undress, while others feel more comfortable leaving on undergarments (please note, however, that leaving on undergarments may restrict therapists' access to some areas of the body).  Once undressed you can get on the massage table under the top sheet.  If you need assistance getting onto the table please let your therapist know before they leave the room.  Your therapist will give you a few minutes to get settled before knocking and re-entering the treatment room.

Once your massage begins your therapist will regularly check in with you for feedback on pressure, temperature, etc.  If at any time if you would like more or less pressure, you're feeling chilled or too warm, or would like to focus on a specific area please don't hesitate to let your therapist know. 

Once your session is complete your therapist will again leave the room to allow you time to dress.  When you are ready you are free to leave the treatment room and meet your therapist.   Payment for services are due at the end of your session (with the exception of initial appointments, which are pre-paid) and will be handled at this time. 

FAQ About In-home Massage
Q:  Are you okay with pets in the home?
A:  Yes!  I actually worked in veterinary clinics for many years and have no problems with pets being in the home.  Your comfort is my priority though:  If your pets are a distraction for you feel free to set them up in another room, crate, etc., for the duration of your massage time.

Q:  How much space do you need?
A:  I need a minimum of about 9' x 5' for my massage table and enough room to move around during your massage.

Q:  My kids will be home when I'm getting my massage.  Is this okay?
A:  This is your personal preference.  If you feel you will be unable to relax during your massage time with your children present it may be best to make other arrangements for them.  If you're comfortable with them being there, so am I.

Q: Do you give discounts if I have my own massage table?
A:  No.  I strive to keep my prices affordable and because of this I rarely give discounts on services (the only exception is referral discounts--you get a $15 credit for each new client you refer!).

Q:  What is your service area?
A:  I will travel to Orangevale/Folsom to the east, Elk Grove to the south, Davis to the west and Rio Linda to the north.  After 10 miles from my location in East Sacramento a $1 per mile travel fee will apply in addition my regular massage fees.

Q:  What appointment times are available?
A:  In-home appointments are available Monday through Friday 9am-7pm.  Weekends are reserved for massage parties and off-site events.  At this time appointments are generally available within a week or two of scheduling.

Q:  What's the best way to schedule an appointment?
A:  Whatever is easiest for you!  Many existing clients text to request an appointment, and calling or emailing is good too.  Initial appointments will require a phone call. Online appointment scheduling is no longer available--I need to ensure enough time to get from one appointment to another, and unfortunately there doesn't seem to be a good way to handle this online.

Do you have any other questions?  Feel free to contact me!